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Hogar Foros Announcements Important Information on how to receive tax summaries.

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    Hey everyone,

    It’s coming up on it’s been a year since Drvld’s launched our US subsidiary company and the W form submission process was introduced to the Drvld ecosystem.

    Shortly, Drvld is going to be mailing two types of forms to our authors; a 1099 form for US authors and a 1042 form for non-US authors. These forms contain summaries of your income from US buyers and the amount of tax we withheld and paid to the IRS on your behalf.


    Isn’t (no later than) 15th March 2017 a little late? Considering our Tax obligations in Australia for the 2015-2016 Financial year closed on the 30th June 2016? And we as upstanding Australian citizens should have already submitted our tax returns for that financial year? I’ve already been sent a 1042-S ‘Foreign Person’s U.S. Source Income Subject To Withholding’ form, from the other online marketplace I sell stuff on, and they sent me that months ago… Just asking. Thanks.


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Viendo 3 entradas - de la 1 a la 3 (de un total de 3)
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