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We design every deal page to give you all the information you’ll need before purchasing, in distinct sections so you know where to find it. Here’s a tour of those different sections to help you make the most of your Groupon shopping experience.


A one-sentence description of the product or service offered in the deal.

About the Deal

Under the heading “About This Deal” or “Product Details” (and sometimes beneath the customer reviews), you’ll find a thorough breakdown of what you’ll get when you buy the deal. Often, information about the merchant—from location to mission to what’s behind their products and services—can also be found here.

The Fine Print

This is the most important section to read before you purchase a deal, as it lays out the terms and conditions associated with that deal—such as the number of Groupons you can purchase when the Groupon will expire, and whether you need to book an appointment or complete your purchase on the merchant’s website.

The Map

Want to know exactly where the business is or how to get there? At the bottom of the deal page is an interactive map that will show you all the locations of the business for which the deal is valid. You can use this to plan your trip or shop for deals in the same neighborhood.

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