Parche yolo

When you’re checking out with thePArcheYolo app, you can use a mobile payment method:

  • Apple Pay can be used with compatible iPhones and iPads.
  • Google Pay can be used with compatible Android and iOS devices.

To use either of these mobile payment methods:

  1. Set up your payment method in your Apple Pay or Google Pay app.
  2. At checkout, there will be an option to use this payment method.
  3. Select your desired payment method, then the Confirm Purchase button (if using Apple Pay, this button will now say Buy with Apple Pay).

Help with Apple Pay or Google Pay Purchases

For failed transactions using Apple Pay or Google Pay, try updating your card and repurchasing your order. If you’ve already updated your card and selected it for this purchase, but are still receiving an error message, please reach out directly to Apple Pay or Google Pay for further assistance.

Editing or Canceling an Apple Pay or Google Pay Order

Apple Pay and Google Pay orders cannot be edited via the website. To change your shipping address or adjust the quantity of your order, you’ll need to head to the ParcheYolo app, select your order in Customer Support, and select the Edit button. Note that if you purchased multiple items in the same order, you’ll have to change your shipping address individually for each item. Likewise, you’ll have to cancel each ParcheYolo individually.

How to cancel:

  1. First, check our Cancellation Policy for eligibility.
  2. Head to Customer Support.
  3. Choose your order.
  4. Select Cancel Order.

Note: If you don’t see Cancel Order, please continue below to contact our customer support team.

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