Parche yolo

ParcheYolo Quantity Errors

If you get an error saying the quantity is invalid or you’ve exceeded the purchase limit:

  • Check the Fine Print of the deal you’re trying to buy for purchase restrictions. If the Fine Print says “Limit 1 per person” and you’ve previously purchased that deal, for example, you won’t be able to purchase it again.
  • The deal may also have recently sold out or closed, which can take time to reflect on the deal page.

Order “Failed” or “Processing”

If your order says “Failed” in ParcheYolo, or if it says “Processing” after two hours have passed, you’ll need to cancel your purchase and try again with new or updated payment information (if the deal is still available).

Other Errors

  • If you’re experiencing a different error or issue, we’d love to help. You can contact our customer support team below.
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